Back patches have been around since the 1940′s and have no intention of dying out any time soon. Typically a back patch is used for motorcycle clubs and riding clubs. Most riding clubs and mom and pop type motorcycle clubs will use a single center patch that usually consists of the club name, logo and maybe area they are from. Motorcycle enthusiasts tend to flock together and often times form tight knit family type bonds that eventually lead to forming a riding club. Usually riding clubs are simply a group of like minded riders that have a common love of riding motorcycles. They will typically have regular jobs and families, and the riding club is more of a hobby than an entity to live and die for.

Riding clubs can consist of local Harley Owners Groups, Clean and Sober groups, Christian riding organizations, Drill Teams, Stunt teams and Motorcycle specific groups.

Motorcycle clubs on the other hand take their club, riding and back patch a bit more serious, and depending on the type of club, some are willing to die defending their brothers and back patch. The more serious clubs will have 2 piece patches that can consist of a center patch or logo, and either a top rocker displaying the club name or a bottom rocker declaring the area they are from. The traditional 3 piece patch has the top rocker displaying the clubs name, the center patch or logo and the bottom rocker claiming their territory or where they are from. 3 piece back patches will also have a fourth patch on the back lower side that has MC for motorcycle club.

The front of the vest can have various patches that state the members ranking in the club to certain badges the member has earned. The general layout of badges and back patches is fairly standard amongst most clubs with some varying aspects like color combinations, type of lettering, size ans shape of patch.

The top of the food chain are the 1%er patch holders, who claim they are the 1% of motorcyclists that don’t adhere or care for the laws or rules of the land and prefer to live a more free and adventurous life, no matter what the outcome may be. The term 1% started back in the 60′s when the American Motorcycle Association held races and a group of rowdy riders disrupted a race and all hell broke loose. The president of the AMA stated that most motorcyclists were law abiding citizens and that only 1% of them were reckless and prone to cause trouble.

Motorcycle clubs jumped at the opportunity of the 1% title and have worn it proudly ever since. 1%er’s, otherwise known as outlaw motorcycle clubs take their brotherhood and membership very seriously, even to the point of death. A 1%er’s back patch and motorcycle is his most prized possession and he is willing to die to protect the honor his patch brings. The 1% patch is diamond shaped and usually worn on the front of the members vest above his heart. Some clubs also display the diamond on the back of their vest opposite the MC patch, but this is usually very rare instances.

A 1%er’s back patch is never to hit the ground in a fight and no one other than a member is allowed to touch it. Many have found out the hard way that you don’t just walk up to a patch holder and slap him on the back like long lost friends. That back patch is hard to earn and even harder to keep. Not everyone makes it and the earning of that patch can take a very long time with many trials and tribulations. So whether your in a riding club or hardcore 1% club, we salute you all and look forward to helping you in creating expanding upon your clubs back patches.