Biker Patches

Biker patches have long been an important staple to every MC club and independent alike. Bikers like to wear patches to show honor to a fallen brother or sister, membership in a motorcycle club or disdain for society’s rules in general. Whatever the reason for wearing a patch on your vest or cut off, there is a biker patch for just about every type of rider.

MC Back Patches are taken very seriously while other patches stating the mood of the rider or what those reading the patch can go and do with themselves. Back patches, aka colors are use to send a message to society and other bikers. It says hey, I belong to a group of brothers
and am damn proud of it. There is no messing around or taking lightly the full patch members association in his club. It is often a long and hard fought process to gain entrance to any worthy club.

1%er Biker Patches

1%ers were back patches and sometimes have the 1% diamond on the back as well. Typically the diamond is on the front upper left part of the cut just above the heart. These bikers are considered the cream of the crop and usually are willing to die for their colors. The colors are the most important item they have, possibly even more coveted than their Harley
Davidson motorcycles.

Other types of biker patches are in memory of patches. Memory patches give honor to a fallen rider and wil depict their birth and end date. These patches are worn to let others know the deceased’s memory will live on forever.

Inspirational patches are meant to be uplifting or encouraging, like Ride to Live, Live to Ride, I’d Rather be Riding my Harley, and Rider it like ya stole it. The assortment of these types of patches is endless, and if you have been to any major bike event like Daytona Bike Week,
Myrtle Beach, Laconia and Sturgis you know full well there are patch vendors at every turn. Many will even sew your purchased patch on right there on the spot.