Motorcycle Club Patches

We specialize in Motorcycle club patches from the big 1%er clubs to the mom and pop support clubs to regular riding groups like HOG. Our rockers and center patches are made with a high quality twill backing and embroidery thread that is sure to last as long if not longer than your membership in your MC club.

Our MC Club patches can be ordered in low quantities and come with free artwork and design with unlimited art revisions. Don’t worry about the revisions, we usually hit the nail on┬áthe head the first go around.

Last thing any motorcycle club wants is their patches and  rockers falling apart or fraying in a short period of time. There is something to be said for a well broken in time honored set of colors, but that is a far cry from shoddy craftsmanship that many other embroidered patch sites offer. We boast our motorcycle club patches are made from the finest craftsmanship and are of the highest quality and we firmly stand behind that claim.

Club members are willing to live and die for their cuts. Offering them anything but the finest twill backing and embroidery thread is just unacceptable in our book. When you order your motorcycle club patches from us we do our best to go above and beyond the call of duty so you can wear your cut with pride and know we gave everything we had to deliver the finest quality patches possible.

Motorcycle Club Backpatches

Building lasting relationships with you and your club means a lot to us. What better way than to provide you with high quality embroidered patches at a great price and shipped fast direct to your clubhouse door. Our pricing is geared to help us pay our bills while passing on the savings to you so you can afford those parts for your sleds and taps running with fresh cold ones.

Club Biker Patches

B.A.C.A. stands for bikers against child abuse. They are a riding organization that acts as a support group to help protect children from abuse. They work closely with local and state officials to send a clear message that they are ready to step in and shield the child from abuse.

Above is a regional rally club patch we did for them. We do more than just back patches and rockers. We also design badge patches, side rockers, officer badges and rally patches.

So if your looking for a new set of rockers, center patches, side rockers or badges for your MC club we got your back. We can go off your existing design or create a new custom digital art proof for your review.