Motorcycle Event Patches

What better way to show your support and approval for any of the major or lesser known biker events than with motorcycle event patches! They make great keepsakes and can be great conversation starters at the local watering hole. When riding your sled around this great country of ours you can end up building strong bonds with others who have attended the same event. You may have nothing in common with the exception of a passion for riding and having been to or a liking of a particular motorcycle event.

We can design, embroider and ship your custom motorcycle event patches to your door  in 14 days guaranteed. We can also rush order and have your biker event patches in your hand in as little as seven days.

But hold on, don’t stop now…order your custom biker event patches right now and we will include free shipping on matching custom lapel pins for your leather vest. hahahaha Sorry about that, i just couldn’t resist. I get a kick out of them late night infomercials.

But seriously folks, what biker event would be complete without matching lapel pins? and yes, we can design and manufacture lapel pins, silicone wristbands and vinyl refrigerator magnets. We can do it all, but we specialize in custom biker patches of all kinds. That’s what we live, love and breath…oil, ink and thread. A vital staple to any serious biker’s diet.

Here’s a handful of the major motorcycle events taking place around the country:

Daytona Bike Week

Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Laconia Bike Week

Sturgis Rally


If you would like to have your motorcycle event listed on our site shoot us an email and ask us nicely. We’ll think it over and if the dice roll in your favor we’ll post your link. Of course ordering some patches would help in a big way too!

Custom Biker Toy Run Patches

The SFPC Toys in the Sun Run is hailed as the largest toys for tots run in the world! The ride typically has upwards of 30k riders that take part in the ride from Pompano Harness Track in Pompano Beach to Markham Park in Sunrise Florida. The ride is approximately 26 miles and takes roughly three hours from the first bike leaving to the last bike entering the park.

There is a VIP rider section that costs extra to participate and these usually get to ride up towards the front of the pack. VIP riders usually get some cool swag like t-shirts, motorcycle event patches, wristbands and access to the VIP food tent. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has taken part in these rides as a grand marshal of sorts on several occasions as has Congressman Allen West.

I-95 gets shut down to accommodate the never ending line of bikers traveling from Pompano to Sunrise. Many supporters and by standers line the over passes and sides of the highway waving and cheering the bikers on and holding up signs of support.

SFPC stands for South Florida Presidents Council which is a biker rights group comprised of the motorcycle clubs in South Florida. They sell tickets to the event, help setup, police and break down the event when its finished. The organizing and planning that go into such an event starts in January and continues until the day of the event in early December.

If you have never been to the Toys in the Sun Run I strongly encourage you to check it out. You won’t regret it and you too will become a regular attendee for years to come like so many others before you. If you can’t make it, order a custom motorcycle event patch from them to show your support. After all, it all goes for a great cause….the kids.